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Pray Without Ceasing! Please pray for everyone!
A Prayer for the healers!
Prayer for the Sick

Heavenly Father, Who sent Your only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to be the Physician of our souls and bodies, Who cme to heal sickness and infirmity, Who healed the paralytic, and brought back to life the daughter of Jairus, Who healed the woman who had been sick for twelve years by the mere touch of the hem of your robe, visit and heal also your beloved servants:    {insert name(s)}  by the power and grace of You Christ.  Grant them the patience that comes from believing that You are always at work in our lives to bring good out of evil.  Grant them strength of body, mind and soul.  Raise them up from the bed of pain.  Grant them full recovery.  May they experience the  same surge of healing power flow through their bodies, s did the sick woman who touched you robe.  For we, too, are touching your robe today,dear Lord, through this our prayer.  We approach you with the same faith she did.  Grant them the gift of health.  For you alone are the source of healing and to You we offer glory, praise and thanksgiving in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Prayer from September 11th Service

"Lord God, Lover of Mankind, Bless our God protected nation, the United States of America, and forgive those who hate and wrong us, We will never forget!  Memory Eternal!"

By coming together in our parish communities and holding Memorial Prayer services to honor those lost and who have their lives 18 years ago, we renew our strength to move forward in the face of both old and new challenges, and we come together to uphold the values that have defined our country and our people that we share with the people of this planet.

from services on September 11, 2019


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Prayers for the Departed
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Today's Saints
Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan
Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, was born in the year 340 into the family of the Roman prefect of Gaul (now France). Even in the saint’s childhood there appeared presentiments of his great future. Once, bees covered the face of the sleeping infant. They flew in and out of his mouth, leaving…

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Troparion & Kontakion
Venerable Anthony, Abbot of Siya, Novgorod
Venerable Anthony, Abbot of Siya, Novgorod

Saint Anthony of Siya, in the world Andrew, was born into a family of rich farmers in the village of Kekhta near the North Dvina river. In childhood he received a fine education, read much and learned iconography. After the death of his parents, Andrew went to Novgorod, and for five years worked…

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Troparion & Kontakion
Venerable Nilus of Stolbensk Lake
Venerable Nilus of Stolbensk Lake

Saint Nilus of Stolobnoye was born into a peasant family in a small village of the Novgorod diocese. In the year 1505 he was tonsured at the monastery of Saint Savva of Krypetsk (August 28) near Pskov. After ten years in ascetic life at the monastery he set out to the River Sereml, on the side of…

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Troparion & Kontakion
Venerable John the Faster of the Kiev Near Caves

No information available at this time

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Troparion & Kontakion
Martyr Athenodorus of Mesopotamia

The Holy Martyr Athenodorus, from Syrian Mesopotamia, led a monastic life from his youth. Denounced as a Christian, he was arrested and condemned to fierce tortures by the governor of the land, Eleusius. Miracles accompanied the martyrdom of the saint, which converted many of the pagans to the…

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Troparion & Kontakion
Venerable Paul the Obedient

We do not know when Saint Paul lived. There is only a short Life which says that he was the son of wealthy parents. He left secular life upon reaching maturity. The appellation “Obedient” was bestowed upon the monk for his deep humility, and for the complete renunciation of his own…

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Troparion & Kontakion
Saint Philothea of Thrace, Protectress of Romania

Saint Philothea (Philofthea) of Argesh was born in Trnovo, the old capital of Bulgaria, around 1206. Her father was a farmer, and her mother was from Wallachia. She died when Philothea was still a child, and her father remarried. The child was often punished by her stepmother, who accused her of…

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Troparion & Kontakion
Venerable Gregory, founder of Grigoriou Monastery, Mount Athos

Saint Gregory of Mount Athos was born in Serbia, and pursued asceticism on Mt Athos. He built and dedicated the monastery of Saint Nicholas, which was later renamed Grigoriou in his honor. In the records of Mt Athos the saint’s signature dating from 1405 was discovered. According to…

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Troparion & Kontakion
“Vladimir” Icon of the Mother of God of Seliger
“Vladimir” Icon of the Mother of God of Seliger

The Vladimir Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of Seliger comes from the island of Seliger in the Tver Province of Russia.

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The Weekly Bulletin also contains Names Days, Anniversaries, Birthdays, People serving in Armed Forces, Catechumens, and those parishioners in vocational studies of whom all can use your prayers.

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Third Benefit Concert for Ukraine December 10, 2023 ...
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Service Schedule
9:30am - Divine Liturgy

Followed by Coffee Hour at the Parish Hall

7:00pm - Moleben for Peace in Ukraine

Services alternate between Sts. Peter & Paul UOC & Holy Trinity Parish

10:00am - Parishioner Sr. Coffee Hour
7:00pm - Catechumen Class
6:00pm - Vespers

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Third Benefit Concert for Ukraine
28 Nov 2023 at 12:31pm

Third Benefit Concert for Ukraine

December 10, 2023


Pan-Orthodox Christmas Concert
28 Nov 2023 at 12:25pm

Pan-Orthodox Christmas Concert


Advent Season Resources
28 Nov 2023 at 1:10pm

Advent Season Resources



Western Xmas Dinners
28 Nov 2023 at 9:48am

Western Xmas Dinners (take-out/delivery)

December 25, 2023


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Archbishop Daniel's Liturgical Schedule
5 Nov 2023 at 9:03pm


Through the Generosity of the UOC of the USA, Saint Nicholas Visited the Chil...
8 hours ago

Завдяки Щирості УПЦ США – Св. Миколай Провідав Дітей України В Час Війни


We continue to honor the memory of the innocent victims of the artificially c...
5 Dec 2023 at 6:42pm

Продовжуємо вшановувати памʼять невинних жертв штучно-створеного ГОЛОДОМОРУ… в Українській Православній церкві-памʼятнику св. Андрія Первозванного встановлена памʼятна плита Міжнародного Благодійного Проекту «Вшанування В Світі Видатних Українців»...


The UOC of the USA Awarded a Certificate of Gratitude from the National Cance...
2 Dec 2023 at 1:54am

УПЦ США Відзначена Сертифікатом Вдячності Національнго Інституту Раку України


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The parish supports various causes and efforts through-out the community during the year.  Below are just a few of our current on-going efforts.


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